Why Am I A Boudoir and Portrait Photographer?

A Man Shooting Boudoir While Trying To Capture A Splinter Of Incredible People's Souls

Today's post is a little bit different, more personal than usual, a sort of mirror [...]


How to learn beauty tips from your boudoir Experience

4 Beauty Tips on how to feel gorgeous every day

If you take only 10 minutes of your time to follow these simple beauty tips things will dramatically change your day. [...]


Fifty Shades of Boudoir: the influence of a book on today’s society

A man's view on Fifty Shades of Grey and a reflection on Boudoir

I did not immediately realise why the world was so interested in


Stylish versus what is trendy. What is Your style?

Stylish and Trendy as seen by an Italian living in London

My personal view on the word stylish is timeless universal beauty. It makes me think of something [...]


Want to be a yummy mummy? 8 great tips on how to be one

Mummy=automatically yummy? Not always.

I am now a very proud yummy mummy of a [...]

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