Building self-confidence through a great Boudoir session

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Confidence and the will to have fun while having your Boudoir session are two of the keys for a fantastic experience at London Boudoir Photography. A little bit of excitement, even a touch of nervousness are two of the component that every woman we photographed had when they stepped through our door, two components that we feel are vital for a healthy photo session!

Our models may look like models, they may feel like one when they are posing in front of our cameras, but they are Women! Everyone of them stepped in front of us feeling intimidated, but this is absolutely normal, and the very good thing about a Boudoir session with us is that every woman has the time to let the nerves go, building up confidence and enjoying this fabulous sensation also after the session is over!

building self-confidence

Building the self confidence or having it already?

Fabiana and I have worked with professional models for a long time now, and working with them present certain technical challenges that we do not face when we photograph boudoir and vice versa.

What is, though, the difference in building the self confidence during a session and being already self confident? In our opinion they are two ways of enjoying a boudoir session, both of which are fantastic, but we feel that those women who needs to let themselves go, reaching that confidence level during the session are those who can gain more from it.

building self-confidence

Confidence and Fun, bring it on!

We would love every customer to be able to keep the confidence a Boudoir photo shoot can gift also outside the session. It happened more than once and receiving thank you cards from the people we had the pleasure to photograph is something that makes our day!

Walking away from something so personal enriched with more than our photos is something priceless. The self confidence women can display is something that will never stop amazing us. As much as it amaze us, though, it makes us proud, as every woman should be proud of herself, her body and what makes her unique!

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