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And so last week our son started asking “why“.
The beauty of children is that, as well as learning, they also teach us that knowing why we do the things we do is fundamental to succeed in any field.
If we are clear on the reason why we want to do something, you will find a way to do it and make it work.

The power of why at

The more we grow, the less we ask

As grown-ups we take more and more things for granted and we ask less and less questions.
Whilst experience of life makes us possibly wiser and more knowledgeable, it may be uncomfortable to find out we are not always right.
Another reason may be that we do not want other people to think we are curious even it is our nature to be inquisitive.

In some cultures asking questions can be seen as intrusive of a person’s privacy, but in most cases “minding someone else’s business” shows that we care.
When we take the time to get to know about others’ lives, we then share our experiences and stories with them.
This is how connection happens.

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Core values

How many times have we felt instantly at ease with one particular person even if we do not know them so well?
We feel they are like us because they understand where we come from. It is easy to talk and pleasant to spend time with that person.

But how do we find out if we are like minded?
By asking them questions, and caring about what they have to say.
Making connection is about sharing similar experiences, values, beliefs and being, in short, on the same page.

This is the reason why we have chosen our friends, because they understand and support us along the way. No matter what.

The power of why at

Whatever your passion, tell your story

Many women nowadays feel the need to create their own company and become an entrepreneur, but they do not know where to start, so they do not even try.
I am strongly convinced that everyone has something unique to offer that the world can benefit from and it would be a terrible terrible mistake to leave it unexpressed. It does not matter how mad the idea can be, when you find people who think and feel like you, they will understand and support your idea and your business.

To make people fall in love with your purpose you need to share your passion and tell your story. That is a good way to start.

Our passion is much more than just photographing women. We are passionate about capturing the real you. Why? Because we want to show that your mind and the mirror can be allies and portray the same person. Just as Beautiful as she is.

I will leave you with one outstanding talk from Simon Sinek on Ted that is worth more than a million words from me.

Enjoy, be brave and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

And Thanks for caring.

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