Erotica Boudoir

Experimentation is an extremely important part of every creative’s life. It is the way you use to move forward, to evolve your style. Some experimentations work, some others don’t. [...]


Killer shoes for a killer look

Women often love shoes more than clothes. The reason? If you have put some weight on, they will never tell. They do not shrink and are women's best friends because they are and always will make [...]


Props or no props? This is the question

As boudoir photographers we were used to have almost no competition, but in the last 2 years things have been changing a lot in London and cannot be considered a niche market anymore. To stay [...]


The pursuit of happiness. 4 surprising reasons why we get lost along the way

Being happy is the ultimate goal of many human beings, me included. So what prevents us from being happy? Here I have listed my personal top 4 reasons why we stick to what we know instead of [...]


The power of why

And so last week our son started asking “why“. The beauty of children is that, as well as learning, they also teach us that knowing why we do the things we do is fundamental to [...]



Being disconnected in today's connected world sounds like a joke. How can you be disconnected when you reach all the information and people around the globe with just one click? Every single [...]

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