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How to Look Expensive by fabyandcarlo

How to look expensive

For Carlo and I there is only one secret on how to look expensive, and it follows the idea that less is more. Some may argue that the Baroque style with its grandeur is a synonym of looking expensive, and …

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How Yoga saved my life by Faby and Carlo

How yoga saved my life

A calmer, more balanced and grounded attitude, mostly free of most of anxiety, and also a healthier, stronger body is what yoga has allowed me to reach in the last year. The most valuable lesson is that thanks to consistent …

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Emma Watson’s UN speech

I have just finished to watch Emma Watson giving a beautifully inspiring speech promoting the launch of the He for She campaign at the UN and I am completely blown away. The little Hermione is all grown up. Emma Watson is …

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Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo

Petits Bisous

We are delighted and honoured to have partnered with the stunning lingerie boutique Petits Bisous, the place to go to be enticed and tempted by the most exquisite lingerie in Chelsea. Petits Bisous was last modified: October 1st, 2014 by …

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The Sexualisation of Nudity and objectification of woman by fabyandcarlo at London Boudoir Photography

The Sexualisation of Nudity

Do you remember when you started feeling the sexualisation of nudity? When did you stop seeing a breast, and started seeing a sexual object? When did we, as society, stopped seeing the nude bodies for what they are and started …

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