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Backlight your subject: the art of boudoir photography by Faby and Carlo Nicora

Backlight your subject: the art no comments

Last week we wrote about the craft of backlight your subject. This week we will talk about what really make a great backlight photo: the art behind your photos. Backlight comes with pro and con, and the most important one is that the image will not have the same contrast a sidelight image can have. When you backlight you subject, you should keep this into consideration as you need to give your images a different advantage point.
Removing the strong contrast from your photos, the best advantage in shooting backlight photos is the amount of light you can fill your frame with. Because the background is flooded with light, backlight images can give an airy, sunny feel.
I guess that, at this point, you need to ask yourself if, as an artist you like the idea of photos with lots of light. Backlight photos don’t bring the deep blacks other light setups do, but if you like bright images, backlight can be a technique for you!


A Photographer’s Regret 2 comments

2 weeks ago I lost my father. Tragically, in an accident. He died almost instantly, and thank goodness he did not suffer, but the same cannot be said for those who remain.
The last words we spoke were not what I would have loved to hear, and this tragic loss set those words in stone. Forever. I will always remember his last words. “I do not want to see you ever again”. And so it was.
There is nothing that can undo those moments. And there is nothing he can do or say now to make me feel better because he is gone.

Backlight your subject: the craft at London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo

Backlight your subject: the craft 1 comment

This week we will dig into one of the lighting technique we use extensively in our imagery: Backlight. For this of you who are new to the terms, backlight is when you place the source of light behind your subject. And if you come from the “old school” as we did, you must have heard many times someone saying “never put the sun behind your subject”, but what are rules for if not to be broken?
Backlight is, overall, a simple enough technique, but there are small details that may transform your backlit image in a great photo. Some of these are craft, some others are more related to the art of photography.
Backlight is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a photographer, you need to ask yourself if you like backlight your subject. Give this article an in-depth read before jumping to a conclusion, as few simple stratagems may change a dull and underexposed photo to a lovely image making us of the backlight technique.

Remember Through Images by Faby and Carlo

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These days are difficult for Faby and me. As I am writing, we are a flying over Europe to pay respect to Faby’s father, who suddenly left us the other day. And just the other day, an old schoolmate of mine tagged me on a photo of my father on Facebook. All these circumstances made me think about the importance to remember through images. Last week I went hunting for visual memories of myself in my teens, and I was not able to find many.
Remember through images is one of the most powerful triggers of memories we have, but how do we make sure to have them?

London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo Nicora writes about Destination Boudoir Photography: Pricing and Costs

Destination Boudoir Photography: Pricing and Costs no comments

In the past weeks, we spent some time digging into the glamour of Destination Boudoir Photography. It seems that the topic is becoming quite hot in the boudoir photography market in London. It is now time to wrap this series up with a very important point: pricing and costs.
As photographers, we are aware of our day to day prices. When we dig into the destination boudoir photography, we need to be aware of other costs and expenses. You need to understand that flying around the world comes at an additional cost, and if you want to have a viable business, you need to make sure those costs will get back in your pocket, in a way or in another.


5 deadly mistakes to avoid while choosing lingerie by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography

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Lingerie. There are garments that we all know they look wrong when you see them on other women, but when it comes to us, we fail to recognise those mistakes.
There are many reasons why we tend to lie to ourselves, but the main reason is size. But remember that especially when it coms to choosing the right lingerie, the right fitting definitively matters.
Here is a list of things to avoid when choosing your lingerie that will help you make a better choice from the very beginning.

Destination Boudoir Photography: Retouching by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography -

Destination Boudoir Photography: Retouching no comments

One of the key elements when you are shooting on location is speed. Not necessarily during the shoot itself, but if you offer Destination Boudoir Photography session you know that from the moment you put your camera down, the race begins. Import your images, edit them, post process and prepare them for the viewing session. Timing is crucial if you want to maintain a great customer service, showing the photos face to face and making sure to deliver an outstanding boudoir photography experience.
What are the things to consider regarding your images post process while on a destination boudoir photography session?


Boudoir Photo Session Voucher at Faby and Carlo Nicora London Boudoir Photography

Help! My partner gave me a gift voucher for a boudoir photo session no comments

Imagine this. Your partner comes home with a strange expression on his face. He does not look at you in the eyes while he says he has got something for you. “Oh, he must have done something bad” you think. But instead, he gives you a small envelope he was hiding behind his back. A card? But S. Valentine’s day is tomorrow. You open it, more and more curious by the minute.
A card? No, it is a voucher! A voucher for a boudoir photo session? Oh my…and now?

Destination Boudoir Photography: Equipment by Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography

Destination Boudoir Photography: Equipment 2 comments

When has it been the last time you have packed your gear for a destination boudoir photography session? Or more easily, when has it been the last time you packed your full gear for a location shoot? Last week we wrote about our last Destination Boudoir Photography Experience in Venice. As promised, I will dig deeper in the elements that are important if you want to become a destination photographer. This week I will start discussing equipment and the importance of traveling light.
Being in Italy last week was a lesson for Faby and me. From the moment we landed to the moment we come back home, it rained. In Venice, we were welcomed by “Acqua Alta“, so moving around with a lot of gear has been a little bit of a trouble! We live, we learn. We have decided that for the next destination boudoir photography session we will travel light. Much lighter.

Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography no comments

If there is one particular thing I am proud of Faby and Carlo (London Boudoir Photography) is the personal feedback we receive from our customers. Today I am not going to talk about our images. Our style is displayed in every page of this site, and you can love it or hate it. Today I will talk about Faby and Carlo, the way we are. That is something that defines our brand, our style and… well it is us.
We say that we are “Uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo“, as what you see is what you get. This is why the Skype or phone conversation part of every Boudoir Photography Experience is not optional. We want to know you, but more than that, we want you to know who we are. If you are thinking of being photographed intimately, we believe you should know who your photographers are.