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London Boudoir Photography

Love Yourself by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

How to Love Yourself

To Love Yourself doesn’t mean to be full of yourself. To Love yourself means being a positive person and to live your life in a kind way towards yourself. Photographing women of every size and every age, it is very …

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Atonement by Faby and Carlo


Atonement is a great word that we put into action too little. It requires taking responsibility for our own actions and making amends for any wrong doing. Atonement is a necessary act for our life to move forward towards a …

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Sexy or Brainy? By Faby and Carlo Nicora at London Boudoir Photography - fabyandcarlo.com

Sexy or brainy?

The word sexy for many women is somehow uncomfortable and yet is something that every one of us would love to be. Why is being sexy such a contradictory subject? Sexy is very often a label many men give to …

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