Fake Tan for your Boudoir: Yes or No?

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For most women fake tan seems to be the safest option to show off a beachy, suntan glow that most of us dream.
But why fake tan? And why is it so popular?
Because fake tan is easy to obtain and in theory it covers imperfections. This can be ideal when posing in lingerie or wearing a bikini for a boudoir photo shoot.
Fake tan is like wearing foundation for your body. And a lot of us feel more comfortable because a darker skin tone tends to be more forgiving.
But there are some points we would like you to consider before rushing to the first fake tan salon to get sprayed all over.
Fake Tan for Boudoir by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora London Boudoir Photography at fabyandcarlo.com

Tan and The Victoria’s Secret effect

How many of us look at Victoria’s Secret models without feeling a bit jealous ?
They are paid to have fun on a beach in some dream places, they have incredible hair, their fit and sculpted bodies are highlighted by a golden tan and most of them seem to know Leonardo Di Caprio.

Jokes aside, all Victoria Secret‘s models look gorgeous in tiny bikinis as well as in lingerie, and certainly they do not use fake tan. Their healthy and beautiful glow is real and you can tell the difference.
Real tan has a beautiful golden effect that no fake tan or make up trick can reproduce. And there is no photographic filter that can do that kind of magic either.
Think of having a French toast that is properly toasted instead of just warmed up in a microwave…it just does not taste the same, does it?

Fake Tan for Boudoir by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora London Boudoir Photography at fabyandcarlo.com

5 reasons why for us fake tan is big no no

  1. 99% of times fake tan looks fake. It does not add any healthy glow to your skin, so what is the point?
  2. Very often it transfers onto your clothes (and onto our walls). I have seen countless supposedly white shirts, bras and bikinis covered in brown spots and it looks unpleasant.
  3. If you have my kind of skin, you will look orange. Believe me, even in places you should not and it is not pretty.
  4. Your skin will look blotchy and patchy. Whether you use spray or creams, the result hardly changes because they are difficult to apply. A heavier post-production becomes then necessary as a result which is silly because fake tan should help even out the skin not make things worse.
  5. Would you ever consider taking dark varnish and paint it onto your skin? Why do you do it then? If you really think about it this is exactly what you do.

Fake Tan for Boudoir by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora London Boudoir Photography at fabyandcarlo.com

4 good reasons to get a real tan

Let’s face it, it is quite a challenge to get a proper suntan in the UK, but there are some very good reasons to consider to get sunkissed.

  1. You can go on holiday somewhere sunny. This itself is the best reason ever, don’t you think?
  2. The real sun lifts your mood. A healthy glow does not only depends on your skin tone, but also on your contentment and good energy levels. And we are more likely to feel better when the sun shines than when it rains. It is scientifically proven.
  3. The sun is the most important source of vitamin D. The lack of vitamin D is becoming a widespread problem because of our modern indoor lifestyle and it leads to feeling quite depressed amongst other things. So, being out and about will improve your vitality, it is an awesome excuse to socialise and your general wellbeing will benefit from being outdoors.
  4. Being in the sun makes you feel sexier. A little bit of suntan has always had that effect on me. I feel more confident and exposing my skin becomes a pleasure.

Needless to say that proper UVA protection is a must to be always kept in mind when exposed to the sun.

Fake Tan for Boudoir by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora London Boudoir Photography at fabyandcarlo.com

What if my skin is very pale or I do not want to get tanned?

I remember my mum trying to get suntanned every summer with no result what-so-ever. She was getting super red, and then nothing. Pale as before. At a certain point she just gave up.

Simply if you have a pale and sensitive skin, make the most our of it. The contrast with black lingerie is great for a boudoir photo shoot, especially if shot in black and white. White lingerie will make you look more angelic and ethereal instead.
If your skin is already dark, you  already  have all the advantages. A nice shimmery moisturiser will do the trick and highlight your gorgeousness effortlessly.

The bottom line is that you do not need to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to enjoy your boudoir photo shoot and look gorgeous. You do not even need a tan, fake or real feel like a goddess wearing a bikini or a fine piece of lingerie.
But everybody needs a holiday in a sunny place to enjoy life a little bit more.

Are you pro or against fake tan? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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